restoration-miniature-before  restoration-miniature-after  restoration-miniature-reference

Miniature - Size 42x53mm

A high resolution digital copy was made upon receipt of the work and before any work was commenced.

The image of Christ was printed onto a gelatinous emulsion on paper which was in an advanced state of deterioration, breaking away from the paper in cupped elongated strips.
The card backing that it was mounted on was buckled in vertical corrugations most likely caused by water damage.

The client understood that the illustration could not be restored with 100% accuracy but wanted to proceed with restoration due to the personal significance of the piece.

Due to the age and extremely fragile state of the miniature consolidation and restoration of the emulsion and image only was undertaken.
Reference provided (far right image) assisted the restoration considerably, which allowed a fair representation
of the original work.

The completed piece was encased in an acid free handmade box to assist with ongoing preservation.